Jana Prjaschennikowa 

was born in 1975 in Prokopjevsk (Russia). Her mother started teaching her the piano when she was a small child, following which she completed the very strict Russian musical training. Between 1990 and 1992 she studied at the University of Novokusnetzk, attending the piano classes of Professor Irina W. Schastina, before coming to Germany with her family. She mastered the German language within just one year and took her A-levels (Abitur) in Hamm/Westphalia; during this period her further musical education was decisively supported by the local Rotary Club Hamm.
Jana Prjaschennikowa then continued her piano studies in the class of Professor Michael Keller at the Academy of Music, Detmold (Münster Department). Having obtained her degree as Graduated Piano Teacher (Staatliches Klavierlehrerdiplom), she took up postgraduate studies in the areas of music theory and composing with Professor Dr. Georg Hajdu in 1998. She completed these studies as early as May 2001, gaining the authority to give classes in conservatories and universities. 
She refined her musical and piano performance and technique by attending master classes with Fred Oldenburg (Enschede), Tibor Szasz (Freiburg) and Mikhail M. Alexandrov (Moscow). 
At present Jana Prjaschennikowa is working on her doctorate in musicology with Professor Dr. Horst Weber at the Folkwang College of Music in Essen and has already a multitude of publications.